Thursday, 15 April 2010

Inari-CB100 Honda

Our Inari is out and we are damn proud. Hard to imagine this was once a 1976 Honda CB100. She's soooo beautiful with her green metal fleck hand painted tank, Ventura “BSA Style” Handlebars, Front suspension from Yamaha 225, chopped 5cm, 32cm ‘Old style’ Yamaha rear suspension, hand made seat and optional surfboard rack we think that our Bengkel guys have once again outdone themselves and we are as proud as punch.
The name “Inari” comes from the Japanese god of rice.

While our local Mangku (Balinese priest) didn’t actually give us his blessing, he certainly was more than a little interested. Sorry mate this one is already sold. Full custom specs are at the end of this post.
·       Rebuilt Honda 1976 CB100 Engine bored out to 180cc
·       88mm aftermarket piston
·       CDI added
·       All engine bolts swapped for stainless steel
·       4.5 inch chrome headlight from Japan

·       Deus custom headlight bracket
·       Smoked alloy Indicator lights from Japan
·       Daytona speedo and bracket
·       Easyriders ‘Early Tail-light’ from Japan
Ventura “BSA Style” Handlebars
·       Kitaco handlebar controls
·       Clip-on mirror

·       Relocated ignition switch
·       Custom battery housing
·       Brown ‘British ribbed’ -style grips
Front suspension from Yamaha 225, chopped 5cm
32cm ‘Old style’ Yamaha rear suspension
Alloy rims: 18” rear, 18” front, with stainless spokes
Swallow tires, 120/80 × 18 front and same for rear.
Custom galvanized Tank
Custom seat upholstery

Rear frame section modified to accept seat and shortened 3 inches
Hidden horn and rectifier/regulator
·       Front converted to ‘Flower disk brake’
·       Re-wiring of whole bike
·       Original rear hub swapped to Yamaha 225
Custom built Swing-arm made from steel tube.


  1. Wow this is super nice, I cannot believe you guys turned this small Honda CB into muscle art motorbike

  2. how much will this go for in bali?!

  3. Well, you guys are just geniuses. I have no idea why this bike appeals to me so much. Evokes something of the 1973 Yamaha 100 I grew up with. And still have. And that famous quote applies: I don't trust a bike I can't see through."

    Great Job!

  4. Awesome bike

    Where is the rear light from, I've been looking for one like that for ages.

  5. That is the cutest bike ever.
    I'm going to have to build one.

  6. is that a fork stabilizer with integrated signal lights? zuperkool! i'm going to send my bali peoples to your shop, and i'll see you there next time i'm lucky enough to be on the island of ghosts.

  7. I love this little beast.
    Exactly what I'm after to get back into riding after 25 years out of the saddle.Something with character and not an imitation racer or cruiser.
    Can you build this in Oz?

  8. The rear light was ordered from Japan, 'Early Tail Light' From the easy riders catalog

  9. jezus...this looks so freaking nice..
    i've got 2 CB125 in my garage and after i café'd the first i'll copy this look on the second...great job!!!